Story #14

My daughter was born in Feb 2020, and despite the fact that I am a full-time employee in the Czech Republic and have public health insurance myself – I was not allowed to get my newborn a public health insurance. Luckily, she was born healthy, and PVZP company agreed to take her on as a client. I purchased PVZP Plus insurance for 39 months and as every client who was ordering it online from PVZP’s website I got a discount of 25% – all in all I paid 47 000 czk for 3 years and 3 months of insurance. My daughter’s insurance was valid under KZPCP 1/17 conditions – they included full coverage of compulsory vaccination that is fully covered by public health insurance. That was very handy as important meningitis B/ACWY and pneumococcus vaccines would have cost around 15 000 czk.

In July 2021 the Czech Parliament turned down the proposal to enroll children of taxpayers into the public health insurance system on condition their parents pay around 2000 czk monthly on their behalf. Instead they voted for making PVZP the only company who is allowed to sell private health insurance till year 2026.

Last week I decided to check how much does 39 months of insurance for a newborn cost now. I was shocked – now with monopoly in place PVZP is asking 87 300 czk. Not only discounts that have been offered for years in case of online purchase were discarded, but the base price of insurance went up by 30% as well at almost the same time the PVZP monopoly draft was suggested by the head of VZP Board of directors (coincidentally member of ANO party). PVZP insurance terms and conditions have become significantly worse as well – now, according to the most recent KZPCP 2/21, PVZP Plus won’t cover any compulsory vaccination that is fully covered by public health insurance and the parents need to pay around 15 000 czk on top of the outrageous 87 300 czk. That’s the increase of 117%, unbelievable!