Story #7

Daniil and his wife Mila were studying in Prague.

In 2017 Mila became pregnant with twins and the spouses got an expensive private health insurance for pregnancy and childbirth with Maxima. Unfortunately, a routine ultrasound showed that the baby boy had developed a life threatening condition and the twins had to be delivered early at 29 weeks.

One day of NICU at the Podoli hospital cost on average 28 000 czk, so the insurance limit of 100 000 czk for the kids’ hospital stay ran out in the first couple of days (the maximum available limit on the market at that time was 300 000 czk or 10 days of hospitalization max). All private health insurance companies refused to insure the preemies, the expenses for the postnatal care from 20/1/2018 to 14/2/2018 quickly escalated to 1 622 548 czk.

InBaze organization helped to organize a fundraiser to partly cover the hospital bill.