Story #16

Me and my wife are Indian nationals, we have been living and working in Prague for 4 years and both have public health insurance through employment. In summer 2022 we have welcomed our beloved baby girl. Unfortunately, the delivery went with some complications, so PVZP denied us the PVZP Exclusive plan enrollment at the time […]

Story #11

I am Brazilian, me and my wife have been working in the Czech Republic for almost 2.5 years now. 2 months before relocating to Brno our daughter has been diagnosed with Turner’s syndrome – a genetic disorder which can be substantially improved by growth hormone therapy. We got a health insurance contract with Uniqa which […]

Story #8

My 5 year old son has a chronic condition which requires annual examinations. As with every chronic condition and private health insurance in the Czech Republic – you can’t manage it through your health insurance provider, so we have to pay for all the examinations ourselves. And here is the unpleasant finding – it is […]

Story #7

Daniil and his wife Mila were studying in Prague. In 2017 Mila became pregnant with twins and the spouses got an expensive private health insurance for pregnancy and childbirth with Maxima. Unfortunately, a routine ultrasound showed that the baby boy had developed a life threatening condition and the twins had to be delivered early at […]

Story #6

Ukrainian citizen O.B. has been working in Prague since October 2007 and as every working foreigner was eligible for public health insurance with VZP. Later that year O.B. got pregnant, but unfortunately her son arrived early and required extensive care in the NICU of the Podoli hospital. O.B. didn’t have permanent residence permit so her […]

Story #5

Ukrainian citizen O.K. has been employed in Czech Republic since 2008. During 2012 she found out she was expecting a baby, but due to pregnancy complications she had to take sick leave since 17/12/2012. Her medical condition didn’t allow her to work so the employer didn’t prolong her work contract which ended on 31/1/2013. As […]

Story #4

J.A.Y. had private health insurance with PVZP. He had a sudden mental breakdown, and as his condition was considered harmful for others he was hospitalized for 40 days in Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital against his will. The insurance company rejected the claim of 64 000 czk for the hospitalization saying that mental health management is excluded […]