Story #5

Ukrainian citizen O.K. has been employed in Czech Republic since 2008. During 2012 she found out she was expecting a baby, but due to pregnancy complications she had to take sick leave since 17/12/2012. Her medical condition didn’t allow her to work so the employer didn’t prolong her work contract which ended on 31/1/2013.

As O.K. didn’t have permanent residence permit, along with losing her job she lost right to participate in public health insurance system. Her high-risk pregnancy didn’t allow her to find another job and get back the public health insurance with VZP that she has been dutifully paying for the previous 5 years, neither could she fly back to her home town nor get a private health insurance. O.K. applied for the permanent residence permit on 18/3/2013, her application was approved on 19/6/2013 and she and her newborn son became eligible for public health insurance. But the costs of prenatal care since 1/2/2013, delivery and hospital stay for both herself and her son O.K. had to pay herself.

Source: Pl. ÚS 2/15