Story #10

My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he had a private health insurance with PVZP.

The first thing I did was to call the insurance company for the information what health care directly connected to diabetes will be covered and to what extent. The assistance assured me that as long as the condition was discovered for the first time – everything including diabetes management will be covered up to the general overall limit of 1 700 000 czk.

Only later I found out how ignorant the PVZP assistance was – turned out only emergencies (like diabetic coma), hospitalization and checkups are covered up to the general limit, but not the diabetes management. Other children of the same age who have public health insurance are entitled to an insulin pump, free insulin, substantial amount of test strips – full list can be found here. Not our case: an insulin pump alone costs 100 000 czk, test strips/sensors/insulin for a year is another 30 000 czk of out of pocket expenses. PVZP will pay just 5000 czk for diabetes management for the whole period of insurance (which in our case means we are entitled to get this compensation only once in 2 years) – that is the typical limit of prescribed medication and medical devices for a Czech private health insurance.

The assistance has never apologized for giving me false hopes (not that it would actually change anything of course). To cite their specialist – we should consider ourselves lucky that PVZP has not terminated our insurance contract on the spot.