Story #1

A coffee break gone wrong resulted in half a cup of freshly brewed coffee landing on my newborn’s leg. Me and my husband have immediately put the baby under cold running water and called 155 to ask for further instructions – 4 minutes later an ambulance was standing in front of the house. We called the insurance company (we have signed the most expensive contract on the market with PVZP) the same day and the assistance told us we are good.. only to call us back 2 days later saying that they had changed their minds and we will be denied any compensation because the insured person (4 months old baby) hasn’t done everything possible to prevent the insured event.

The Vinohrady hospital took our side and wrote a letter where it disagreed with the insurance company, appealing to common sense and asking them to reconsider the case. We wrote another official request, mentioning that not only there is no such paragraph in the contract saying that the compensation can be denied because it was the insurer’s fault, but there simply can’t be one as The Immigration Law §180j article 7 clearly states that proper medical health insurance for foreigners must have full unconditional coverage for trauma.

Don’t know what worked but 4 days later we got another call from the assistance saying that my baby girl’s treatment will be fully payed for, no explanations or excuses for stealing one week of our lives given.